SSPL (System & Software Product Line) Overview

In order to launch a quality software to market more quickly, you need to analyze the commonalities and the differences of the same domain upon consideration of reusability, stability, efficiency, etc. And then extract the core assets and combine these assets for developing desired systems. With this SSPL engineering, reuse of each components can reduce the developing period and costs and increase the success rate of the software.
According to the SEI Software Product Line report of Carnegie Mellon University, developing product with SSPL will reduce costs by 45%, shorten period of production by 30%, improve quality by 52%, increase productivity by 39%, so it could be possible to have market competitiveness.


Fisher Introduction

Variability Modeling Assist Tool - Fisher

Fisher 화면

Fisher Features

EA Add-in - Use as a Add-in for UML tool EA(Enterprise Architect) from Sparx systems
- Use all the features of EA (cooperation environment, cost-effectiveness, memory saving)
Interworking with existing Requirement Management System - Import and reuse of RMS datas, after the modeling with these datas, apply exported modeling datas to RMS. (customizing required.)
Scalability and manageability of feature properties - Add or modify the feature properties for each department
Poweful Validation - Validation for Feature Model / Feature selection
- Continuous update by collaboration with KAIST Architecture Lab.
Powerful Traceability - Various Traceability for Multi-product Management

Fisher Functions

Feature Modeling Solution Customizing

DE Import - Import Feature Model Information from RMS
- Basis of the correlation information, auto-generates Diagram
- Update the changes
AE Import - Generating AE by the selected Feature information from RMS
AE Export - Exporting AE, including additional modeling & selection information (apply to RMS)
Model Validation - Detection of Root-less Feature
- Detection of Typeless Feature (mandatory auto conversion)
Select Validation - Detection of Non-selected / Incorrect information
Trace - Checking DE Version Infomation which AE refered to