PAS 소개

PAS Overview

PAS has various features such as, management of project and portfolio, requirements management, modeling and design, development, software testing and quality control, software change and configuration management, etc. With PAS you can secure quality and can suggest effective project management plan and faster application development. PAS manages the relation between outputs which are used or created by these activities. And it generally reports the progress of development cycle so PAS is a idealized enterprise solution for successful development and productivity improvement.

PAS 개요

PAS Advantages

PAS Features

PAS 화면

Enterprise Standards Management From a S/W developing methodology that is established by enterprise standard, PAS generates templates of work process, outputs, trace, reports, role definition and manages them.
Peoject Management PM conducts member management, role management, authority management, job management, production management, tracking management (requirement, analysis design model, risk, issue, test case, defect), project menu management.
Test Management

Static Test - Supports Walkthrough and Inspection by submitting a peer review and email notification at the same time.

Dynamic Test - Supports Unit test, Integration test and Regression test which are interlocked with Hudson for managing defects.

Defect Management - Manages defects from the static/dynamic test results using Hudson or SAVANNA which is a performance test tool of T3Q.

Job Management Assigns person(s) to certain job, Manages status, priority, scheduling of work unit and sets relation between work units.
Document Management Manages configuration and version of documents about jobs, supports quality control through peer review.
Tracking Management Assures quality with project process standardization by setting up workflow of basic management and alteration flexibly for artifacts (requirement, test case, risk, issue, defect) that require continued managing and monitoring.
Report Management Provides writing function of various user defined reports about job items and tracking artifacts.

PAS Benefit

PAS 기능도

Prevents deterioration of work flow and tracking that is due to composition of different products, different processes, different templates and enables integrated management of them.