Savanna 소개

Savanna Overview

Savanna is a HTTP/HTTPS protocol-based performance test solution. It generates test scripts automatically and anyone can use it for performance test of H/W and S/W with user-friendly interface. Test scripts can be edited by user and you can use Savanna as a regression test tool in a project development stage. And you can freely edit test scenario and plan a schedule for test and can monitor the testing in real time.

Savanna 개요

Savanna Features

Savanna Functions

Script Tool
  • TCP based packet capture (port number setting)
  • Supports various web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
  • Supports various recording type (per Page, per Request, per Request : No Referer)
  • Shows Tree View / Script View after recording (Web Contents View Support)
  • Script Editable & Checkable (Known Function Support)
  • Replay & Comparison Recording Contents with Replay Contents
Scenario Tool
  • Making a test scenario using a script from the Script Tool
  • Scenario management with Add / Remove / Edit function
  • Setting Quantity, Loop Count, Think Time policy of added scenario
  • Setting Quantity in accordance with the Test Mode (User Mode, Percentage Mode)
  • Displaying graph of hourly variation of users
  • Showing various sizes of real time graphs (No. 1, 2, 4, 6)
  • Selecting various kinds of real time graphs
Savanna Agent
  • Two versions ( Windows / Linux )
  • Work management (test start/stop) under the Controller
  • Real time date transfer during test (transaction, response, hits, etc)
  • Batch transfer of entire data after test
  • Light but powerful Agent function

Savanna Applications

Analysis Design
  • Obtaining basic data about AS-IS indicator (response time, TPS, CPU, etc.)
  • Setting a plan for TO-BE system perfomance
  • Using the Script Tool, continuous regression test and monitoring
  • Performing test before deployment
  • Load test / Durability test / Stress test / Spike test
  • Performance test and monitoring when a system failure occures