X-Gen 소개

X-Gen Overview

In an large scale project on enterprise environment, it's not eash to accomplish the quality of the code and high productivity using limited resources. By interworking with development tools, X-Gen automatically generates source code in compliance with standard architecture so that you can achieve both quality coding and productivity improvement.


X-Gen Features

  • X-GEN 코드 생성
  • Source code batch generation

    Source code generation per component
    Package structure editing
    Supports join query for related tables
    Table-based CRUD source code generation
    Query test and automatic conversion of binding variable
    Supports user-defined templet

Entity information based Source code generation

소스 코드 생성 과정

Based on the entity information of the database, X-Gen generates all the source code needed for execution. The source code can be executed instantly, and the test code can be generated simultaneously. By setting the options, X-Gen analyzes the reference relations between the entities and makes the query available for inquiring all the related entities.

X-Gen Advantages

Standardization Guiding standard source code development by using standard templet
Productivity Increasing productivity by automatizing repetitive works
Quality Minimizing source code deterioration caused by deviation between developers
Adaptability Improving developer's architectual adaptabilty by generating testable source code